Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, Spring is here...or is it? I am ready for warmer weather. Heck 60's would be okay with me... This winter coats in the morning and light jackets by afternoon is really getting old. The boys for one thing do not want to wear pants anymore, and trying to get them to wear a winter coat.....ugh too much trouble. PLUS, since most of their jeans have holes in the knees, I am ready for clothes that don't have knees in them!!!
Since Spring is here another round of sports have begun.... Brooklyn is in track once again and for those of you that didn't know or had forgotten, she went to state last year in pole vault, YES you read that right POLE VAULT. She really enjoys it. She is also playing on two softball teams. A competitive team and a rec league team. Playing second base is her favorite (just like her momma) but she also catches and plays short stop. I told her that next year she needed to decide what she was going to play in high school and we needed to focus on that sport. We'll see what she chooses..... She also continues to go to tumbling each week! Cheerleading is over for this season but tryouts for next year will be in May.
Griffin is also playing on two baseball teams. A competitive team and a rec league team as well. He is the catcher and then plays where ever they put him, but 90% of the time catches. He is very good. He did pitch a couple of games last year but usually hit so many batters that they had to take him but oh so true! I think that everyone is safer when he is behind home plate! He is also playing on a flag football team as well, though it always seems to rain on the weekends so they have only played 2 games and have had 3 rained out.
Candon will play baseball this summer as well and has moved on from t-ball to pitching machine. I am curious to see how well he does with this. He is also playing flag football and has done awesome this year. I even hear the other team asking if they ever take that kid out. Last year he never really grasped the whole idea of grabbing the flags but this year the other team barely has a chance to hand the ball off and Candon has pulled their flags! I think that he averages 3 touchdowns a game. He really does well though spends more time on the ground than on his feet! LOL, it's flag football not tackle and there is usually not anyone even around him. We asked him one day after the game why he kept falling to the ground and he said "I am tackling myself"!
Little Miss Taylyn... well, she is going to try t-ball again this year and was very quick to remind me that I told her last year that if she played again this year that she could have a pink glove, and a pink helmet, and a pink bat, and pink cleats! Gotta love my girlie-girl! She also is still in tumbling once a week and loves going.
Sooooo...I will update some pictures as soon as I can but wanted to make sure to let you all know what is going on with us. We are pretty much taking someone to practice every night and sometimes all 4 are going in different directions and yea I know that it will get even worse but HEY they are very active sporty children and I love to watch them in everything they do! SO look forward to many sports pics to come!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, Valentine's Day has come and gone...thank goodness it is over though I have a funny story that goes along with it! Valentine's Day was Saturday and I had worked Friday night and was sleeping on Saturday, when the kids woke me up and said that someone was at the door. (cory was working) Anyway it was our local florist with what appeared to be a dozen red roses, WOW I thought, Cory actually got me flowers... hmmmm... well the florist got to the door and said, "Brooklyn" when I answered... "nope, not me" so I went and got Brooklyn and she accepted the flowers from her boyfriend! Her 13 year-old boyfriend!!! So my soon-to-be 13 year old got a dozen roses and her 33 year-old, married for 13 years with 4 kids, mother DID NOT! Well, at least one of us did right?! I told Cory about it when he got home and he says to me, "you told me years ago not to get you flowers because they just die to get you something else that will last longer!" True, BUT when the florist is walking to the door with a dozen red roses that you assume are for you, you forget what you said years ago!!! lol He then asked Brooklyn if he could buy a couple from! We did go out to dinner on Sunday and then he bought me new sheets for our bed....something that will last longer!!! lol!

Taylyn's 6th Birthday

Taylyn's 6th Birthday!

She too had a party at the Bowling Alley in Virden. She got to invite 5 friends, though I wasn't sure if that was going to happen because when I told her that she could invite 5 people she looked at me and said "let me think, I don't know if I like 5 people"! LOL...she did end up coming up with 5 people and then even asked for 2 more!!

Candon's Birthday

Happy 7th Birthday to Candon Michael!
He had a party at the Bowling Alley in Virden
and invited 6 boys. They had a lot of fun and
amazingly weren't too wild!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Taylyn's new haircut!!!

Taylyn has been wanting to get her haircut so I finally did it. Right before Christmas I cut it to her shoulders. It looks so cute!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Christmas has come and gone.... They were great, but really snuck up on me this year! I got all of my shopping done in two shopping days! yea!!! The kids all had a ball and got everything they wanted of course!! Spoiled!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thanksgiving and now Christmas.....

Wheeeee.... Boy has this year flown by. I cannot believe that it is almost Christmas. It has been a whirlwind since Halloween, what happened to Thanksgiving? I don't know if it is the new job or how busy our lives are right now but it was gone in a blink of the eye.
We ate at my in-laws for lunch on Thanksgiving with Chris, Alicia, and my adorable nephews Cole and Aiden. We love seeing them and don't see them nearly as much as we would like. We are going to get over there during Christmas break to spend some time with them :) Then it was off to Beth and Rob's house for dinner on Thanksgiving. Baron and Riley (my newest nephew and niece) are getting so big. Riley was crawling everywhere and Baron was really close to following her.
The day after Thanksgiving, Beth continued Grma Margie's annual cookie bake event with the kids and did a great job. The kids had a ball and her and Rob even had a scavenger hunt for them on their land. A great time was had by all. And most important Beth learned what confectioners sugar really

Friday, October 31, 2008

HaLlOwEeN 2008

Well, here it is the end of October already. I can't get over how quickly the year is going..... Christmas will be here before we know it. An update on all that is going on....
Brooklyn's games are about to begin... her first game is November 6th. Report cards are in and she had staright A's!!! So proud of her. She is soooo busy and yet keeps her grades up.
Griffin finished football and is anxiously awaiting the start of basketball season. He continues to enjoy school and is starting to get as social as Brooklyn.
Candon is Candon, rough and tumble and all BOY! He is still as loveable as ever and enjoys school but loves "stay home days" better, and is usually just a step behind his dad at all times!!
Taylyn has started tumbling again this year (as has Brooklyn) and loves to go to dance class and will get to do trampoline in Feb. (they have to be 6 to get on the tramp) She loves school and wants to know on Fridays when she gets home how many days until she goes back to school. I had parent teacher conferences this week and her teacher said that she could run the class! No, not bossy sassy Taylyn, who would have thought?! LOL!
Well, enjoy the new pictures........

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall.....Football....Cool Weather...

Well, has fall finally arrived?! The last week or so of warm weather has been nice but I am ready for hoodie weather! Hoping to take the kids to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and maybe a few of them to the Haunted House in Auburn!
Football is like the staple of fall.... Griffin is at the end of his season. They have done really well and only lost two of the regular season games. They are in the playoffs this Sunday and of course are hoping to win it all!!!! Go BULLDOGS!
Brooklyn and the other cheerleaders are working hard to get ready for the start of basketball. Our first game is on Nov. 6th and the girls are really improving! I think that they are getting sick of practicing and are ready to perform!!!
Homecoming is this week and Brooklyn, Griffin, and Taylyn are all in the parade. Brooklyn with the cheerleaders, Griffin with JFL, and Taylyn on the kindergarten float! Candon is the only one not in it. Don't feel bad for him though because he is the only one that will get to catch candy! And ke knows this....and boy is he rubbing it in!
Cory and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary on Oct. 15th, boy has the time flown by!!! Cory also will be celebrating his birthday on Oct. 20th.
YES, I will try to update more often but as I am sure that you are all aware, our lives are a little CrAzY around here!!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Days... School Days...

First Day of School 2008. Brooklyn is in 7th grade this year and loves junior high. She spent hours decorating her locker!!! Griffin is in 4th grade this year and is playing JFL football. His jersey number is 75. Candon is in 1st grade and had a hard time again this year but is adapting. He cried the first day and said "I don't want to go today, I'll go tomorrow" But by the time he got off the bus he was all smiles. Taylyn Grace- My baby's first day of kindergarten. Of course I was sad and she was so ready to go. She told me"mom, you don't have to take me, I can just ride the bus!" She did great, got in her line and waved and away she went. She loves it and can't wait to go back each day. She is also really worn out and has been asleep before 8pm all week. And........ I am finally able to clean my house and get somethings done on my day off and to sleep in peace and quiet after working all night. Though the first full day of school I was trying to sleep and our neighbor just happened to be off work and decided to weed eat and mow....Ugggg, it figures!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Post Vacation.....

Well, we made it. Vacation went well and we all survived. Even if Beth made me hike three miles up hill both ways!!! I keep telling her that I am not a "wilderness girl"! Cumberland Falls were beautiful and we all had a great time. The kids got to swim a lot and went on a couple hikes and even got to go horseback riding!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Getting ready for vacation!

Well, here we go. We're off to Kentucky for vacation! The kids are all really excited so of course trying to get anything done around here is almost impossible. Trying to pack for a family of six is easier said than done also. Clothes, pillows, blankets, first aid kit (and yes I am sure that we will need it!) medicine, swimsuits, towels and the list goes on and on. Oh I almost forgot, cell phones, gameboys, DS's, portable DVD players, IPODS, all the must haves for a long car ride! Taylyn is getting her own cd player to listen to because she likes to listen to the same song over and over and over again. Well, wish us luck and I am sure that I will have lots to post about and pictures when we get back!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Following Suit.....

Beth just created a blog and told me that I should try it. She says that it is super easy so I am going to give it a try! We'll see how it goes! Wish me luck!